The Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade


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30 12 2009

I understand you are bringing the love to Gallifrey 21 this year.

I have been listening to you make the rounds on the podcasts, and I think both of you are awesome.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

30 12 2009

Thank you so much ^_^
And yes, we’re bringing the Time Love to Gallifrey 21, most of us will be cosplay, but will be wearing Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade armbands/badges so people know who we are, also, listen out for the (most likely) the only Australian accents at the con. Looking forward to meeting our listeners too.

24 02 2010
Bill (Zaphod08)

Hi Sam, as someone involved with Gally since the first con, I’m really looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be the staffer wearing a suit and tennis shoes.

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