Feedback from Chris in the UK (re. “The End of Time”) ep 21/ep 22


Big Hello’s to all at the Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade and comisserations for your loss, hope there’s not too much anger in the room as you read this.

I felt it best to send you my thoughts on both parts of The End of Time, and you can count me in the ‘I like it’ club. I’ll try and keep this as brief as I can.

Part One

Wow, where to start. I know, the Master’s resurrection. I won’t go into the hows and the whys of what happened, which have been very well covered elsewhere. Just to say that  Alexandra Moen did a very good job with what little she had to do and also I thought the biological signiture could be a sort of genetic transfer from the Master. I also thought the fianl shot of that sequence where the Doctor arrives just too late in-front of the destroyed prison was very good.

Jumping straight to (apologies for the bad joke) the Master in the wasteland. All these scenes show the Master to be on the brink of loosing his sanity and completely unpredictable. It is this unpredictability, for me, which makes him all the more scary and the flashes of his skeleton and the huge leaps he makes only enhance that. Also the Master’s current eating habits and his describing of ‘Human Christmas’ did make me feel very uncumfortable, well done.

I have to mention at this point Wilf and that he sparkles in every scene he is in, as he always has done. Like everyone else I have to mention Tennant and Cribbins pt 1 in the Cafe…is that done, right onwards. I think I also have to mention at this point that the ongoing narration provided ny Timothy Dalton was very chilling and again made you feel very uneasy throughout.

During the latter part of the episode and with the scene between the Master and the Doctor you really feel that there is a definate dinamism between the two actors. The scene where the Master is kidnapped was well staged and I liked the Doctor running to save his old friend with the last shot of that being the Doctor lying on the ground after being gunned down was very shocking.

The Master’s plan to make everyone himself for me showed just how much the Master had become unhinged and crazy. Also as the final narration said this was only a small side show to what was to come because (gasp) THE TIME LORDS!!!

Part Two

We open on Gallifrey and the High Council of the Time Lords meets to find an exit strategy to the Time War. Their plan to implant the Sound of Drums in the Master’s head was an astounding revelation but did chime very well, I thought, with the Robert Holmes philosophy of the Time Lords being corrupt and devious.

Away from Gallifrey we get further injury to David Tennant’s back and Tennant and Cribbins pt 2 this scene gave me one of the most horrific visions in my head when Wilf talks about the Master being in every single grave. It is at this point that I will mention the moment when the Doctor works out the Time Lords return and grabs Wilf’s gun. This moment has a feeling of the stakes being raised even higher. This is because of the amount of care that Russell T. Davies has given to not letting this happen during his time as head writer.

It is a testament then to his era that he has given us viewers a morally superior hero in the Doctor who never carries weapons, which is one of many things which we should thank him for. Of course the pay off to this is the scene with the Doctor standing in the large hall in-front of the Master with the gun directed at the Time Lord High Council, a moment which I felt he would absolutly do for his best friend/enemy.

The moment where the four knocks are revealed is perfectly shot by Eros Lyn by having the sound just play over the shot of the Doctor’s realisation and to not pull focus until the Doctor looked over to Wilf. The following scene is a final epitaph for David Tennat’s Doctor as he wrestles with himself weather to save Wilf and do the selfless act which he has replicated across all his lives or leave him to his fate and go on living which he desperatly wants to, he does the right thing of course.

There can be little doubt that it’s scenes like this that have made David Tennant such a popular Doctor for so many peole. To illistrate this point let me say that I like you Samantha have a two tire system of how I rank my Doctor’s and it was these last 23 minutes of this episode plus the confidential with Tennant’s speech to the crew that made him make it into the top tier for me. I won’t talk much about the companion sequences because I know you will have enough to say yourselves, except the bits I particularly loved were; the mention of Geoff Nobel, Verity Newman and the reversal of the mother daughter relationship in the Rose sequence.

The regeneration scene itself was full of sadness on the Doctor’s part, mainly due to some wonderful music from Murry Gold who has produced some of the most emotive and memorable music in his time with this last two part story being no exception as I like you i’m sure was crying when the moment came. I know that you girls will whole heartedly agree with the Doctor’s final line but I myself feel this was the right time for Tennant to leave the show, otherwise his predictions about the bathchair could definatly have come true. I sense that’s me on the list for people you want to lytch along with RTD.

Why do I suddenly feel like I should make a hasty retreat? Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to do both part in one e-mail. I apologise again and please keep finding the positive in everything you review, somehow it doesn’t always seem to happen with this show.

As for Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and the 2010 series, GERONIMOOOOO!!!!

Chris in the UK.


4 responses

6 01 2010
20 05 2010

Hey there!
I just started following your podcast earlier in the week with your focus on the 1st Doctor and am pretty impressed! I like that you guys take an entirely different tack with the fandom – some of those other science fiction podcasts are so over the top I can’t even listen to them . To be honest, listening to your cast has been inspiring, and I’m thinking of doing something myself now. Over the last two nights I listened to your last four podcasts and then that’s it – where did you go? How is your UK trip going?

21 05 2010

Thanks for the great feedback! So happy to hear your enjoying the show and it’s inspired you!

At the moment, our recording schedule is all out of whack due to various reasons. Katherine and myself are now 8 hours apart and no longer in the same city. I live in Newcastle at the moment, she’s in London… plus she’s doing a lot of traveling recently being that she’s going home to Australia soon so we can’t find the time to record, plus there’s tech issues with my skype recording software and I’ve always prefered to do it live.
I hope to resume recording with her over skype soon, but it may have to wait until she’s back in Australia mid june, but we plan to continue covering series 5.

Thanks again for the feedback. It’ll get read out in the next show we record!

21 05 2010

I’ll be looking forward to your new stuff, while in the meantime I shall imbibe of the older podcasts. I like that you dig the entire series as a whole and are not just a fan of the new series. I appreciate that the new episodes are bringing in a ton of new fans who might get into the older series (fans are what keeps the wheel grinding after all) but it’s awesome to listen to people talking about the older Doctors – especially in such a casual manner instead of meticulously picking everything apart ad nauseum. My daughters and I can’t wait for the 11th Doctor episodes to start playing over here in the US; from what you’ve said so far on your show they’ve peaked my interest now more than it had before. When I’d first heard that there was going to be another Doc, I was worried; I don’t want the BBC to turn the show into pure candy (the constant Dalek appearences have gotten on my nerves – I LIKE the Daleks as one of the Doc’s most dangerous enemies, but too much of them kind of turn them into a bore, like too much Guinness gradually turns into watery Foster’s. If you know what I mean. I’m rambling now. Have fun in Newcastle! I hope your co-host is having a swell time in London.

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