Episode 33 – The Eleventh Hour Review

5 04 2010

‘Down from Heaven comes Eleven’



Review of ‘The Eleventh Hour’ featuring recap of how Sami and Kat spent ‘Doctor Who Day’ (aka April 3rd) in old London town, as well as general Doctor Who related nerding.

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: None


Show Notes


Talk like a Dalek day on Facebook

Doctor Who launch event in London Photos
The Park take 1
The Park take 2
A Cyberman and a Scarecrow
The Retro BBC 3D glasses
Sami in the Vortex
Kat in the Vortex
Sami and Kat in the Vortex

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf from the train
Canary Wharf up close
Sami in front of Torchwood Tower

Doctor Who Podshock

Wales Comic Con

Sami’s photos in Torchwood Magazine
Gallifrey 21 photos posted ob tw_cosplay on LJ
First post to the community
Final 5 photos choosen by Simon Hugo, Senior Editor

The TARDIS cake!
Icing the TARDIS cake
Sami and the TARDIS cake
TARDIS cake before
TARDIS cake aftermath

REAL LIGHTNING!! Powerthirst (strong language warning)

Macro – Pop up blocker: Still ineffective against Timelords

Edward Thomas’ and Matt Smith’s tour in the new TARDIS


Episode 32 – Gallifrey 21 Blackjack convention report

23 03 2010

‘A weekend of crack, slash & fangirl fun’

“Convention Report”

Convention report of Gallifrey 21 Blackjack, Feb 26th-28th 2010, Los Angeles Airport Merriot.
Join us as we look back on the convention, features audio from guests such as John Fay, Georgia Moffett, Tommy Knight, Louise Page and others.

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: None


Show Notes

Podshock meetup photos
Podshock banner
Louis and Lewis

Liz and Fluffy Lumpkins

Liz’s Livejournal

Kyrina’s “Ten Lives” sticker

Plushie Ten

Kyrina’s Livejournal

Graeme Harper and Starbucks

Torchwood Consequences – Virus

Sarah/Rickman’s Livejournal

Torchwood cosplay:
“The Rhys/Gwen sandwich” – Rhys with 2 Gwens
“The Jack off”
LOL Spoilers – Owen, Tosh and Ianto dead

The Donna Noble Paradox
The Donna Noble Paradox (Take 2)

Donna and Jack and Oliver
Family photo

Sami and Kat as Doctor Donna with the TARDIS

Peter Davison’s video message to Gallifrey 21

Ben Paddon as Dark!Ten

Titanic room party
Room party photo 1
Room party photo 2
Room party photo 3
Room party photo 4
Room party photo 5
Room party photo 6
Room party photo 7

Ten!Spacesuit and Rose cosplay
In front of the TARDIS


Tommy Knight’s ribbon kilt

Sam and Sarah’s Jack/Ianto photos
UNIT beret funtiems take 1
UNIT beret funtiems take 2
Holding hands

JCB Ianto “Ruddy big fork liff”

Kat and Ebbiny as Time crash Ten and Five
Srs pose
Crack-tastic pose

Many cosplayers and the Dalek

Sally Sparrow with Weeping Angel

Tenth Doctor with Vespiform

Femme Six
In front of the TARDIS
Inside the TARDIS

Erin as Reinette
Front view
Back view
TARDIS pockets!

Eleven and Amy
“Matt Smith face”
What’s da over there?

Sorority girls with the Dalek

“The Prydonian Cheersquad” – Academy Doctor, Master and Rani
Gallifrey the airport terminal (ala Arc of Infinity)
Doctor and Master, Code Geass style
Cheer tiem!
Doctor, Master and Rani represent!

Yana Master and Yana!Simm Master Self Love

Hoodie!Master with mask
End of Time Slashy goodness
Gallifreyan Mind Sex Meld

Liz as Fem Fivey
With the TARDIS
Adric Fluffy Lumpkin Love with Ebbiny

Kyrina as Femme Ten with Liz as Femme Fivey

David Tennant sexy off Livejournal community

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

The Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade’s crack-tastic skit @ Gallifrey 21 (Jack/Five Slash warning)

Photo taken on stage mid skit (Again…. Jack/Five Slash warning)

Sydney Supanova 2009 – “You may now kiss the Timelady” skit

Photo inspired by “You may now kiss the Timelady”

“The Unsung Hero” Brigader skit

“The Timelord Retirement club” skit

51stcenturyfox’s Livejournal

Ebbiny as Jenny
Doctor Daddy
My TARDIS now Daddy
Close up
Jenny Paradox

Kat as Amy Pond

Doctor Who Podshock

Ken’s Korner USA

Torchwood – Almost Perfect

Torchwood – Trace Memory

Doctor Who easter eggs in Iceland supermarket

Sami and the Dalek

Eleven and Amy (Take 2)
Eleven/Amy sandwich

The Amy Pond Paradox

Closing ceremony

Paul Cornells on stage Twitter photo

Series 5 Eleven and Amy “Vortex” trailer

Series 4 Donna campfire trailer


Wales Comic Con

Ianto and Starbucks
Not impressed

Gallifrey One website

Gallifrey One on Facebook

dw_cosplay on Livejournal

tw_cosplay on Livejournal

Episode 9 – Peter Davison and Mark Strickson in Sydney

12 07 2009

Coverage of the Doctor Downunder event held in Sydney on March 22nd 2009 with guests Peter Davison and Mark Strickson.

<a href=’http://www.mediafire.com/?qw5vz2khmzm’>DIRECT DOWNLOAD</a>

Episode 3 – DWCA 45th Anniversary meet up report

23 11 2008

Doctor Who 45th Anniversary

“DWCA Event Report”

Report from the latest meeting of the Doctor Who Club of Australia including random discussions

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami)

Special Guests: Sam, Ebbiny, David and Carly