Episode 31 – The Wailing Fangirl Aboard

23 02 2010

BRB Traveling through time and space.


Just before we take ‘The Wailing Fangirl Podcast’ aboard to the US for Gallifrey 21, and 6 months in the UK, we sit down to talk about all things related to our move, such as Gally 21, the UK and series 5. Bon Voyage us!

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: None


Show Notes

Series 5 Press Release

Neil Gaiman writes for Doctor Who

The Cultom Collective Podcast

Radio Free Skaro

Bill Nighy in Doctor Who

“Hello Eleven” (aka ‘Hello Sweetie’)” – Kat’s Amy Pond cosplay


Episode 24 – All Hail The Grand Moff

21 01 2010

‘Lead up to the Moffat Era’



Review of Steven Moffat’s contribution to Doctor Who since 2005, also features feedback from Don and ranting discussion over the news of an American version of Torchwood.

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: Kathleen


Show Notes

Amy Pond’s ‘profession’???

Gallifrey 21

‘The Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade Logo’

American Torchwood??? DO NOT WANT 😦

Torchwood fans (from Livejournal comm: torch_wood) discuss the news of the American Torchwood

It’s Series 31 or 1, not 5 says Steven Moffat

Jack’s missing two years fics:
‘Three of a Kind’ written by christine_twfan (Manic Musings) R18+ Smut/Shippy rating
‘Shell Shock’ (where Children of Earth was all a dream) written by Kuzibah


Kat’s Empty Child and Doctor Dances/Gone in 60 seconds macro

Naked Nine and Tosh macro

The Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade’s cosplay skit from 2008 – “Timey Wimey Valiant of Doom”

Keep calm and….. icons
‘Keep calm and don’t blink’ by carrythefire
‘Keep calm and have a cupcake’ by burgundy_shoes
‘Keep calm and fake a British accent’ by iluvdrowho

Charlie the Unicorn
Charlie the Unicorn 1
Charlie the Unicorn 2 (aka ‘Put a banana in your ear’/The Banana King)
Charlie the Unicorn 3

Ten in the Banana Suit – Manip wallpaper by unknown

Episode 23 – Bye bye Doctor Hottie

10 01 2010

Regeneration Angst!Tiem continues

“10th Doctor Reflection show”

Roundtable discussion/fangirl/therapy session, reflecting on David Tennant’s tenue as the 10th Doctor, joined by:
* Nixy (aka Deb)
* Jen (aka chthonicsiren)
* Samantha (aka spammypod)
* Shelly (aka ssshunt)
* Hanna (aka talkingtothesky)
* Taylor (aka ladyfiresprite)

Apologies for the audio problems, experienced lots of technical issues over skype during recording

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: Nixy, Jen, Samantha, Shelly, Hanna and Taylor


Show Notes


tennant love

Down from Heaven comes ELEVEN shout GERONIMO

David Tennant the Fanboy, with Davros

Ten’s catchphrase number 5: “Well” video

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

accio’s_tardis’ picture response to the ‘what will you miss’ question

Human Nature Deleted Scene

Shelly’s Fanfiction

Episode 12 – Eleven and Amy, Comic con news and Torchwood COE… 1 month on

15 08 2009

Featuring special guest Kathleen, show covers the news on the Eleventh Doctor’s new outfit, Amy Pond, New Tardis, series 5 filming (spoilers) as well as Comic con news (spoilers), and discussion on the fanbase reaction to Torchwood Children of Earth, reflecting 1 month later.

Episode 5 – The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith)

5 01 2009

Covers our reactions, opinions, hopes and random fangirl-isms regarding the announcement of the casting of the 11th Doctor – Matt Smith. Recorded 5th January 2009

Episode 3 – DWCA 45th Anniversary meet up report

23 11 2008

Doctor Who 45th Anniversary

“DWCA Event Report”

Report from the latest meeting of the Doctor Who Club of Australia including random discussions

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami)

Special Guests: Sam, Ebbiny, David and Carly


Speed Rants – Episode 2

2 11 2008

Show recorded on November 1st, with guest Katherine, talking about David Tennant’s departure from the role of the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who at the end of the 2009/2010 specials. Much much fangirl wailing contained within.