Episode 28 – Blink Audio Commentary

10 02 2010

‘Lead up to the Moffat Era’


“Audio Commentary”

Audio Commentary on ‘Blink’
To synch up, press play on this file and your copy of the episode at the same time.

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: Kathleen


Show Notes

Doctor/Master “Cathy! Heathcliff!” End of Time – Macro

Sam Tyler “Which part of ‘Don’t Blink’ did you not understand” – Macro

Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover “Weeping Angels on Tour” – Fanart by Schokopocky

The Doctor is unhelpful – Video by TheHellishGnome

“Just a few more frags…” Late Night gaming in the Tardis – Fanart by swankkat




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