Episode 26 – The Doctor Dances Audio Commentary

29 01 2010

‘Lead up to the Moffat Era’


“Audio Commentary”

Audio Commentary on ‘The Doctor Dances’
To synch up, press play on this file and your copy of the episode at the same time.

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: Kathleen


Show Notes

“I’ll show u my banana!” – Icon by cowboyhd

“What you doing here??? (Video)

Nanogenes/Nanomites (GI Joe) macro

Jack’s missing two years fics:
‘Three of a Kind’ written by christine_twfan (Manic Musings) R18+ Smut/Shippy rating
‘Shell Shock’ (where Children of Earth was all a dream) written by Kuzibah

“The Doctor wants to hug you all” – Icon by stormfronticons

Boomtown in Torchwood canon – “The Twilight Streets” written by Gary Russell




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