Episode 20 – The Christmas Invasion Review

24 12 2009

Christmas Special 2009



Review on episodes ‘ The Christmas Invasion’ and ‘Children in Need 2005’ also includes general Christmasey stuff, fangirl-ness and feedback from Graeme Sheridan and Sphere Effect.

Host(s): Lady President Romana 2 (aka Sami) and Castellan Kat

Special Guests: None



Show Notes:

‘Bob’ the Superb Dalek Christmas Object Art – “Peace Offering”

Blogtor Who

The Cultdom Collective Podcast website
The Cultdom Collective Podcast Talkshoe page

David Tennant ‘Bedtime Stories’ for Cbeebies
21/12/09: “Miki”
22/12/09: “How High is the Sky?”
23/12/09: “Small Mouse Big City”
24/12/09: “The Christmas Bear”

Philip Glenister “A Boy called Tyler” ‘Bedtime Stories’ for Cbeebies *incomplete*

Torchwood fanfic (how Children of Earth was all a dream) ‘Shell Shock’ written by Kuzibah




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